Online magazine, Chemical and Engineering News, publishes article promoting SECIM

Dr. Richard Yost, Professor and Head, Analytical Chemistry; SECIM Co-Principle Investigator
SECIM Co-PI, Dr. Richard Yost, promotes the University of Florida’s NIH-funded metabolomics research center in a recent article published in Chemical & Engineering News.

In a recent article aimed toward informing researchers about increased government investment in the advancement of metabolomics, Chemical & Engineering News published “NIH Metabolomics Centers Ramp Up.” 

The article discusses the science, progress and future of metabolomics, while providing insight into the federally funded metabolomics research initiative.

Quoted in the article, SECIM’s Co-Principal Investigator and Core PI for Advanced Mass Spectrometry, Dr. Richard Yost, discusses some of the research center’s objectives, as well as the importance of collaboration amongst the six national NIH-funded research centers.

For further information, read the article, “NIH Metabolomics Centers Ramp Up,”  on the Chemical & Engineering News website.