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SECIM is dedicated to educating the future leaders in the field of metabolomics. We will offer a range of workshops and online resources focused on training users in the technology and analysis offered by SECIM. We will also be regularly offering one hour “brown bag” lunch topics at UF. In the future these will be videotaped for off-campus users and students. Please add your name to our distribution list to be notified about upcoming opportunities.


UF_Research_ComputingResearch Computing:

What: Research Computing Training
When: Thursday, September 11th at 12:50
Where: NPB, Room 2205
Topic:  HiPerGator: Running Jobs and Submission Scripts

This training session will pick up from last week and focus on writing job submission scripts. We’ll look at the most common scheduler directives and how to tell the scheduler the information it needs to run your jobs efficiently.

This session assumes a basic familiarity with the Unix command line and will be aimed at beginning to intermediate users.

Please bring a computer so you can follow along with the exercises. Please also make sure you have a valid Research Computing user account. To request an account, visit:

If you are unable to attend in person, sessions are broadcast with Adobe Connect. Click here to connect starting at 12:40 on Thursday.

Other sessions on the schedule include:

  • Sept. 18th:  MATLAB at Research Computing: A Hands-on Tutorial to Running Your MATLAB Code at Research Computing
  • Sept. 23rd: Fall 2014 Research Computing Day

Training Anytime:

All UF Research Computing training resources are available on the Training page of the UF Research Computing Wiki. Watch pre-recorded sessions, download slides and worksheets, and view the current schedule of sessions.

UF_Research_Computing_puredata.pngFall 2014 Research Computing Day

Date: Tuesday, September 23rd
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: Smathers Library – Room 100
Topic:  BIG DATA and high-performance data analytics

The Fall 2014 Research Computing Day is dedicated to enhancing the support for research and education on BIG DATA and high-performance data analytics (HPDA).    Presentations will focus on utilizing IBM’s PureData Analytics (PDA) system.   The IBM PDA has special hardware (Field Programmable Gate Arrays or FPGAs) coded to speed up large searches in huge databases of structured data a thousand-fold.

The University of Florida is both pleased and proud to announce the donation by IBM of a PureData Analytics system. The system was installed at UF’s East Campus Data Center this summer and is now ready for use by the UF community.  IBM and UF Research Computing staff will host presentations and Q+A sessions during this four-hour event.

To request a space (lunch also provided) at Fall ‘RC Day’,  email your registration request to:

Fall RC Day presentations will provide:

  • The technical details for the system installed at UF
  • A case study from the health sector where the system showed its capabilities
  • An overview of how to use the PDA system

12:00 Lunch Available to Attendees: Sandwiches, Fruit Salad, Desserts, Beverages
12:30 Opening Remarks: BIGDATA at UF (VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie)
12:45 IBM PureData Analytics System Donation to UF  (Rob Thomas/David Marques, IBM)
1:00 IBM PureData Analytics System Description (Erik Deumens/Jon Akers, UF)
1:30 Q&A
1:40 Healthcare & Life Sciences – BIGDATA and Analytics (Sri Srinivasan, IBM)
2:20 Q&A
2:30 IBM PureData Analytics: Using the System (Stephen Powell, IBM)
3:00 Q&A
3:10 Biocomputing at UF on the IBM PDA (Matt Gitzendanner, UF)
3:30 Moderated Open Discussion (Erik Deumens, UF)
4:00 Closing Remarks

Please pre-register!   To request a space email :


2014 UF Metabolomics Workshop & Symposium

May 20-23, 2014

SECIM’s 2014 UF Metabolomics Workshop & Symposium ended May 23, 2014.  Please continue to regularly check this page for updates on upcoming workshops, symposiums, and educational opportunities in the field of metabolomics.  For information on metabolomics training events around the world, visit the NIH Metabolomics Common Fund’s Workbench site.

Any questions, please contact