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UF Analytical Chemistry Seminar, Oct. 30: Amy Lane, PhD

Published: Oct 26th, 2015

Dr. Amy Lane, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of North Florida, will give an Analytical Chemistry seminar on Friday, October 30, from 11:45am-12pm, in Leigh Hall 309.

UF Analytical Chemistry Seminar, Oct. 14: Chris Beecher, PhD

Published: Oct 7th, 2015

Dr. Chris Beecher, SECIM Associate Director and IROA Technologies CSO, will give an Analytical Chemistry seminar on Wed., October 14, from 4-5pm, in Leigh Hall 207.

2015 SECIM Fall Symposium: Advances in Multi-Omics, October 20

Published: Sep 24th, 2015

SECIM hosted interested students, grad students, and researchers at the 2015 SECIM Fall Symposium: Advances in Multi-Omics. The event took place Tuesday, October 20.

2015 SECIM P&F Projects

Published: Sep 23rd, 2015

In 2015, SECIM awarded pilot & feasibility project funds to the following researchers: Dr. Keith Choe, University of Florida “Metabolic profiling of aging in a long-lived and stress resistant C. […]

UF Neuromuscular Plasticity Seminar, Jun. 18: Brittany Lee-McMullen, Dept. of Physiology and Functional Genomics

Published: Jun 16th, 2015

Ms. Brittany Lee-McMullen, University of Florida graduate student, will present her research on Thu., June 18, from 12-1:15pm, in HPNP G-114.

SECIM and UF Research Computing Host Galaxy Training Sessions

Published: Jun 11th, 2015

SECIM, in conjunction with UF Research Computing, will be holding monthly training sessions on data interpretation in the Galaxy web interface. The first session for the 2017 Spring semester will be Thursday, February 9.

2nd Annual SECIM Workshop Concludes with Resounding Success

Published: Jun 3rd, 2015

SECIM’s second annual Metabolomics Workshop, held May 11-14, 2015, played host to 40 young and enthusiastic metabolomics researchers from across the United States.

SECIM Seminar, May 12: Zoltan Takats, PhD

Published: May 6th, 2015

Dr. Zoltan Takats, PhD, Imperial College London, and inventor of the “iKnife,” will speak at UF on Mon., May 11, 2015, from 11am-12pm, in CGRC Auditorium 101.

SECIM Seminar, May 11: Elaine Holmes, PhD

Published: May 6th, 2015

Dr. Elaine Holmes, PhD, Imperial College London, will be speaking at UF on Monday, May 11, 2015, from 4pm-5pm, in CGRC Auditorium 101.

UF Biomedical Engineering Seminar, Apr. 22: Lana Xia Garmire, PhD

Published: Apr 21st, 2015

Dr. Lana Xia Garmire, PhD, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, will be speaking at UF on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, from 3pm-4pm, in the Communicore building.