Request Services

Schedule a consultation or email SECIM administrators to request metabolomics services.

SECIM provides a range of metabolomics services. The services listed below are well established and associated with service fees. We are also developing new technologies, which are available only on a collaborative basis. As these new technologies become fully established with appropriate quality assurance/quality control, they will be added to the core SECIM services.

  • LC-MS Global metabolomics
  • LC-MS Targeted metabolomics
    1. Amino Acids
    2. Organic Acids
    3. Acylcarnitines
    4. Pyridine & Adenine Nucleotides [AMP, ADP, ATP, GDP, GTP, CDP, CTP, UDP, UTP, NAM, NMN, NAD, NADH, NADP, NADPH]
    5. Short-chain CoAs [acetyl-CoA; malonyl-CoA])
  • 1H NMR Global metabolomics
  • Tissue 1H NMR using HR-MAS
  • Letters of support and descriptions of facilities for grant proposal applications