2018 SECIM P&F Projects

Congratulations to SECIM Pilot and Feasibility Awardees!

SECIM is committed to offering pilot and feasibility funding for projects that support the advancement of metabolomics.  Please add your name to our distribution list to be notified about upcoming opportunities. You can also join the CTSI weekly newsletter Quick Links to stay updated on funding opportunities. Join here.

Ana Conesa Cegarra, University of Florida

“Development of multiomics methods for the integrative study of the Yeast Metabolic Cycle”

Alan Myers, Iowa State University

“Genetic analysis of central metabolism in developing maize endosperm”

Naykky Ospina, University of Florida

“Metabolomics as a Diagnostic Tool in Patients with Thyroid Nodules”

Mercedes Prieto, Ohio University

“Using metabolomics to improve nutritional epidemiology and diet intervention studies: a pilot study with Mediterranean diet”

Susan Frost, University of Florida

“Novel regulation of metabolic flux through the lipid biosynthetic pathways”

Dominick Lemas, University of Florida

“Human milk metabolomics and pediatric obesity”

Robin DaSilva, University of Florida

“Contribution of one-carbon metabolism to nucleotide signaling in GNMT mice”

Olivier Elemento, Weill Cornell Medicine

“Validation of computationally predicted metabolic synthetic lethality in cancer cells using a non-targeted metabolomics approach: a pilot study”

SECIM services

SECIM provides state-of-the-art metabolomics services to users in all areas of biomedical and biological sciences. Four cores provide services and develop emerging technologies for the SECIM pipeline, giving users the flexibility to choose the best approach for a particular problem. Pricing for SECIM Services can be found at http://secim.ufl.edu/services/. SECIM services include:

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