2014 SECIM P&F Projects

In 2014, SECIM awarded pilot & feasibility project funds to the following researchers:

  • Dr. Lisa Ainsworth, University of Illinois
    “Metabolite profiling of ozone stress in maize”
  • Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, University of Miami
    “Imaging lipids in the control and glaucomatous Trabecular meshwork”
  • Dr. Samantha Brooks, University of Florida
    “Metabolomic diagnostics in the horse”
  • Dr. Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, University of Florida
    “A targeted pharmacometabolic investigation of the acylcarnitine pathway and incident impaired fasting glucose”
  • Dr. Irwin Kurland, Yeshiva University, Einstein Stable Isotope and Metabolomics Core Facility
    “MALDI visualization and IROA profiling of lipin 1 regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism”
  • Dr. Amy Lane, University of North Florida
    “Chemical communication signals as modulators of microbial metabolism”
  • Dr. Stuart McDaniel, University of Florida
    “Sexual antagonism in exuded non-volatile metabolites in C. purpureus”
  • Dr. Ami Raval, University of Miami
    “Nicotene alters brain oxidative metabolism”
  • Dr. Kelly Rice, University of Florida
    “Utilization of a global metabolomics approach to probe the effects of nitric oxide on physiology of the pathogen Staphylococcus aureus”
  • Dr. Weihong Tan, University of Florida
    “Aptamer-conjugated nanostructures for MALDI-MS detection and identification of metabolites”
  • Dr. Thomas Walsh, Cornell University
    “Metabolomic-based investigation on the effects of flucononazole in Candida albicans under planktonic and biofilm conditions”