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Pilot Funding

SECIM is committed to offering pilot and feasibility funding for projects that support the advancement of metabolomics.  Please add your name to our distribution list to be notified about upcoming opportunities.

2015 Pilot and Feasibility Projects

The Application Deadline for the 2015 SECIM Pilot & Feasibility Program has passed.

The goal of SECIM’s 12-month pilot project initiative is to enhance metabolomics research by providing support for investigators new to the field, the development of new teams and partnerships, and high-risk/high-impact research.

Awards are intended to support projects that will provide preliminary data for new extramural grant application submissions. The review process will emphasize innovation and the potential of the work to have a significant impact on an important research problem. While proposals of up to $50,000 in total costs will be accepted, SECIM is dedicated to funding as many unique and innovative projects as possible with goals of expanding the center’s capabilities and enhancing metabolomics research capacity across the nation. Thus, applications requesting $20,000 or less will receive preference over those with higher budgets. Requests for salary for the Principal Investigator or personnel, laboratory costs or extramural services outside of SECIM are not permissible. All funds will be awarded in credit toward SECIM services, or in payment for the project’s materials and supplies.

Investigators are required to complete all elements contained in the “2015 SECIM P&F Application Instructions & Cover Sheet” and “Application Forms” files listed below.  Forms (in the zip folders) must be combined and submitted in the NIH-approved PDF format provided.

Deadline: All applications must be submitted by 5pm EST on Monday, March 16, 2015, to SECIM’s Project Manager, Tim Janicki:

Please contact SECIM with any questions not addressed in the RFA or Application Instructions.

SECIM will hold several brownbag P&F informational sessions. Anyone interested in learning more about SECIM and the P&F application process is welcome to attend. Sessions will be held:

  • February 4, 2015, 12pm EST in CTRB-3256
  • February 11, 2015, 12pm EST in CTRB-3256
  • February 25, 2015, 12pm EST in CTRB-3256

SECIM provides state-of-the-art metabolomics services to users in all areas of biomedical and biological sciences. Four cores provide services and develop emerging technologies for the SECIM pipeline, giving users the flexibility to choose the best approach for a particular problem.  Please contact before budgeting for SECIM services:

For additional pilot funding information provided by SECIM’s five national NIH metabolomics consortium partners, please visit their websites: