Core 4: Bioinformatics

Core PI: Lauren McIntyre

Core 4 Services

Bioinformatics provide the infrastructure and automation that enables SECIM to process thousands of samples from independent investigators.

SECIM Core 4 facilitates biostatistical analyses through the online portal, Galaxy, which takes the most common metabolomics analytical methods and generates standard reports through a single web interface. For further details on how to use the Galaxy interface, please reference SECIM’s Galaxy User Guide

SECIM Analytic Flow

The operations of Core 4: Bioinformatics are depicted above. The process is as follows:

  1.  Investigator samples are stored in the CTSI biorepository.
  2. De-identified samples are provided to the SECIM laboratory cores.
  3. Data from the cores undergoes rigorous QC/QA.
  4. Biostatistical analysis is facilitated by the creation of a portal which takes the most common analytical methods and generates standard reports with a single web interface.
  5. Data are reformatted automatically based upon the invocation of a particular analysis tool. New methods are added based upon project need.

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Core 4 Facilities

CTSI Biorepository

UF High Performance Computing Center