Core 3: Advanced Mass Spectrometry

Core PI: Rick Yost (

Core 3 Services

Core 3 provides a range of services for SECIM users focused on unknown metabolite identification, metabolomics methodology development and imaging mass spectrometry.

  • Integration of imaging mass spectrometry with global metabolomics, including MALDI/tandem mass spectrometric imaging of small molecules and correlation with MALDI/MS imaging of peptides and proteins
  • Biomarker identification in conjunction with Core 1 with accurate mass and high-mass resolution MA and tandem MA (MS/MS), as well as by correlation with NMR chemical shifts in conjunction with Core 2

In addition, Core 3 is actively developing the following areas:

  • Innovative isotopic methods for global metabolomics utilizing the IROA (isotope ratio outlier analysis) approach in conjunction with Chris Beecher at IROA Technologies.
  • Innovations and improvements in global metabolomics through close interaction with Core 1, including new methodologies, technologies, instrumentation and software

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Core 3 Partners

Chris Beecher, IROA Tech (

Core 3 Facilities

Mass Spectrometry Research Program in Chemistry

Timothy J. Garrett Laboratory

Mass Spectrometry Core Facility in Chemistry