2014 – 2018 Pilot and Feasibility Projects

SECIM is committed to offering pilot and feasibility funding for projects that support the advancement of metabolomics. See below to view past awardees, their funded projects and their research.

For additional pilot awards and funding opportunities, please visit the UF CTSI.

2018 Pilot and Feasibility Projects and Awardees

Weill Cornell Medicine

Olivier Elemento, PhD

“Validation of computationally predicted metabolic synthetic lethality in cancer cells using a non-targeted metabolomics approach: a pilot study”

Olivier Elemento

2017 Pilot and Feasibility Projects and Awardees

Nemours Children’s Hospital

Kathryn Blake, PharmD

“Using Metabolomics and Lipidomics Analysis to Explore Metabolites and Pathways Associated Increased Airway Hyperresponsiveness in Patients with Asthma who are Identified by Race (African American) and Genotype (ADRB2 Arg16/Arg)”

Kathryn Blake

PI: Erwin Van Meir, Emory University

Erwin Van Meir, PhD

“Define mechanism of action and metabolic vulnerabilities induced by novel anti-cancer agent 64B”

Erwin Van Meir

Texas A&M University

Yi Xu, PhD

“Determine metabolomics signatures important for the ability of Streptococus gallolyticus to promote colon cancer cell proliferation”

Yi Xu

2016 Pilot and Feasibility Projects and Awardees

University of Florida

Hans Ghayee, DO

“Metabolic Analysis of Human PCC/PGL Cancer Cells Reveals the Importance of Chromogranin-mediated Deacidification in Cancer Survival”

Hans Ghayee

University of Florida

Hendrik Luesch, PhD

“The functional interplay of marine natural products: marine cyanobacterial small molecules as activators of secondary metabolism in marine actinobacteria”

Hendrik Luesch

University of Florida

Stephanie Wohlgemuth, PhD

“Effect of early gestational heat stress on the skeletal muscle metabolome in dairy cows”

Stephanie Wohlgemuth

2015 Pilot and Feasibility Projects and Awardees

sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

Paul Coen, PhD

“The role of NAD+ and SIRT1/3 in mitochondrial dysfunction during disuse-induced muscle atrophy”

Paul Coen

2014 Pilot and Feasibility Projects and Awardees

Yeshiva University, Einstein Stable Isotope and Metabolomics Core Facility

Irwin Kurland, MD, PhD

“MALDI visualization and IROA profiling of lipin 1 regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism”

Irwin Kurland

University of Florida

Kelly Rice, PhD

“Utilization of a global metabolomics approach to probe the effects of nitric oxide on physiology of the pathogen Staphylococcus aureus”

Kelly Rice

Cornell University

Thomas Walsh, MD

“Metabolomic-based investigation on the effects of flucononazole in Candida albicans under planktonic and biofilm conditions”

Thomas Walsh

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