SECIM Announces 2015 Pilot & Feasibility Awards

2015_SECIM_pf_recipientsCongratulations to the award recipients¬†of SECIM’s 2015 Pilot and Feasibility Program!

Overall, eleven research projects were funded, spanning seven institutions. Research will begin soon, and continue through 2016. This year’s recipients are:

  • Keith Choe, PhD
    University of Florida
    “Metabolic profiling of aging in a long-lived and stress resistant C. elegans mutant”
  • Paul Coen, PhD
    Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
    “The role of NAD+ and SIRT1/3 in mitochondrial dysfunction during disuse-induced muscle atrophy”
  • Kunjan Dave, PhD
    University of Miami
    “Impact of recurrent hypoglycemia on brain metabolite profile”
  • Jesse Gregory, PhD
    University of Florida
    “Metabolic Consequences of Vitamin B6 Insufficiency and Associations with Cardiovascular Disease”
  • Kevin Kenworthy, PhD
    University of Florida
    “The Development of Metabolomic Markers in Bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) for Sting Nematode (Belonolaimus longicaudatus) Response”
  • Chris Martyniuk, PhD
    University of Florida
    “Metabolomics profiling in a diet-induced zebrafish model for obesity”
  • Laura Musselman, PhD
    Binghamton University, State University of New York
    “Tissue-specific analyses of Drosophila metabolism”
  • Laura Reed, PhD
    University of Alabama
    “Characterizing the metabolism of a deadly mushroom toxin in Drosophila”
  • John Seal, MD
    Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute
    “Metabolomics Approach to Allograft Assessment in Liver Transplantation”
  • Eric Triplett, PhD
    University of Florida
    “A metabolomics blueprint for culturing the citrus greening pathogen”
  • Maria Wing, PhD
    George Washington University
    “Prebiotics in Peritoneal Dialysis”

SECIM offers pilot and feasibility funding for projects that support the advancement of metabolomics.¬†These applicants demonstrated that their pilot projects will provide critical preliminary data to support new extramural grant applications, and they will utilize SECIM’s state-of-the-art metabolomics services to complete their projects. Congratulations once again to all eleven 2015 SECIM Pilot & Feasibility Program award recipients.

For more information on funding opportunities for other NIH-sponsored metabolomics programs, visit the Metabolomics Workbench website. Stay tuned to the SECIM website for the 2016 P&F Program’s request for applications, coming in early 2016…