Galaxy Overview, the Basics

What: Research Computing Training
When: Thursday, September 19th at 12:50
Where: NPB, Room 2205
Topic: Galaxy Overview, The Basics

This session will focus on Galaxy, a web-based application platform with the ambitious goal of enabling “data intensive biology for everyone.” While Galaxy, and the training, are largely geared toward biology applications, Gaussian, an application for ab-initio molecular electronic structure calculations, is also available through UF HPC’s Galaxy instance. Users of WebGauss are especially encouraged to attend, as WebGauss has been replaced by Galaxy.

This session will explore the range of applications available in Galaxy, looking at Blast, next generation sequence analysis, and genome visualization tools. We will review the data sharing and workflow generation capabilities of Galaxy.

Please see the Research Computing Training page on the Wiki for a calendar of sessions, slides and handouts, and recordings of sessions.

If you are unable to attend in person, sessions are broadcast with Adobe Connect. Please reply to Matt Gitzendanner for a link to the broadcast site.